How can a new technology expose us to new problems?

Here are my contemplations on problems that new and advanced technologies technologies can give rise to after watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes:-

New technologies have increasingly been making life simpler and more comfortable. We needed to see in the dark, the light bulb was invented, needed to travel faster, cars and trains were made, technology even made us able to fly with the invention of the airplane, drugs made life longer. There are many other new technologies which solved numerous problems while some just gave us a higher standard of life. But recently, most of the new technologies that are created cause new problems than solve the existing ones. For example, the technology of nuclear fission and fusion was originally created to solve mans problem of dwindling energy resources. But it has been used more to make weapons of warfare rather than generate energy. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a classic example. And now the threat of a nuclear warfare is forever present with many countries performing nuclear tests to perfect nuclear weapons, threatening entire mankind.

Even seemingly harmless technologies have created new problems. For example the invention automobiles made us able to reach out destinations faster. But their extensive use created a new problem of excessive pollution. The harmful exhaust emitted by cars is polluting our air and thus causing a lot of diseases in both humans and animals.

In the movie, the new drug ALZ-112 did prove to increase mental ability along with being able to cure Alzheimer’s disease though temporarily since the only human to take that drug starts developing antibodies thus rendering it ineffective after a few years. But this drug works amazingly in primates and even develops their brains far beyond average humans. The development of a stronger strain of the drug has been shown to kill people but not have any adverse effects on the primates; it just made the primates even more intelligent (It gave Caesar the ability to speak). The virus in the ALZ-113 has shown to kill humans and is also transferable by blood. This creates another problem of a plague threatening to eradicate humans, which is the plot of the sequel.

Similarly most new technologies do have adverse effects. New technologies give people new abilities and resources and also provide new ways in which they can exploit it. For example, with the development of the internet cyber crime has been on the rise to the extent that it has also resulted in loss of life.

Technology gives more power to people who can be used by them to try and subjugate others. Also most technologies have an adverse effect which is mostly ignored as collateral damage for solving a more important problem the best example of which being pollution.

Due to the unpredictable practical implications of new technology we cannot really be certain of its adverse effects and thus are mostly not better prepared for them. The possible side effects of new technology should be thoroughly examined before it is out to extensive use.


The importance of trust! (WARNING! Game of thrones spoilers present!)


I was reading game of thrones and i came to the realization that trust is the most important factor in relationships! And how if you cannot trust someone then they can never even be your friends let alone anything more! To have a good relationship mutual trust is very important whether it be a professional or a personal relationship!
While reading game of thrones it made so sad to think that the characters in the book cannot really trust anyone! Trusting the wrong person can mean the difference between life and death as in the case of Eddard Stark, the mist honorable man that ever lived! He put his trust in littlefinger and paid for that with his life! Similarly Robb Stark put his trust in Theon Greyjoy to be a good and loyal friend and was robbed of his home and his 2 little brothers ( according to him) and many other friends by him and gets murdered along with his mother by trusting lord Frey! There are many many other instances of gross betrayal in the book like the 2 that Dany faces esp the one by Jorah, commander of the nights watch “old bear” gets betrayed and murdered by his own men, Tyrion lannister’s own sister does not trust him and he her which leads to him having to escape and leave his family to go to the free cities, Lysa Arryn/tully/baelish murders her first husband Jon Arryn and gets murdered by her second husband little-finger, king robert is betrayed by his own wife by both incest and his murder by her ! In short it is evident that trust is very rare in the lives of the characters of Game if Thrones! Thus it kind of taught me the value of me being able to trust even my own family! And it gave me a whole new appreciation for the friends that i have and the fact that i am sure that i can trust them!

I encourage you all to value the people in your life that you can trust and let them know that you value them and their trust in you as well! And please do not betray anyone!

Trust is the foundation of all relationships! Value and cherish it!

What does it mean to be “human”?

The dictionary definition of being human is a male or a female of the Homo sapiens species who are different from other animals by their superior mental development, ability to speak articulately and their ability to stand completely erect.

That is more the meaning from a pure scientific perspective.

In the movie “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” the Chimpanzee “Caesar” showed all of the above abilities the only part where he differed from humans was that he was not of the species Homo sapiens.

The main factor that differentiates humans from animals is their superior mental development. As can be seen in the movie, the chimpanzee Caesar was getting closer and closer to human behavior as his brain kept developing. He had developed the ability of complex thoughts, of assigning emotions with memories (As is evident when he draws the design of his window on the back wall of his cage and remembers the happier days), in the end of the movie he also starts to develop the ability to speak articulately.

From a philosophical standpoint the true meaning of being human can come from the attachments we form with other humans and even objects. Our ability to love with ferocity is also what separates us distinctly from animals, though animals have been known to display signs of love for other animals and their owners. Most animals are incapable of complex emotions. It is just an instinct to protect and be with someone who has taken care of it and has been nice to it, this is mainly loyalty. While for humans love is more complicated due to their ability to process complex emotions. In the movie we can see that as Caesar become more and more human he grows to love Dr Will Rodman and also his father Charles Rodman to the point where he comes to the rescue of Charles without any regard to the consequences. When he locked up by Animal Control he feels lost and later starts feeling angry and betrayed since Will does not take him back home since he cannot.

Another factor that differentiates humans from animals is the need for a sense of belonging. Most human have the need to be part of a society, a family and also have a need to belong to certain place which they can call home where they fit in. This is very limited in animals. Most animals do not really have a specific permanent home. In the movie, Caesar developed the need for belonging. He started longing for home while caged to the extent that he drew a likeness of the window in his old bedroom. Also, he had a need to interact with others of his own kind. Due to this need, he forms a society of smart apes while caged and then plans to get back to the home where they all truly belong.



“This is just something I had to write for school. So I thought I will share it here as well”

Is honesty really the best policy?

I am sure most people have grappled with this moral dilemma! Since we have been small, we have always been told to always be honest, and that it is not good to lie! But is that really the best advice to follow when your honest feelings can really stand to hurt someone. And you can just avoid doing that by just telling a small and insignificant lie.
Just a similar situation presented itself to me. My friend had just written a poem and made a video blog reciting it. The poem itself was good, but the accompanying video, not so much! “So what am i supposed to do?”, was my problem!
Because the main content that she should be concerned about is the poem which I can honestly tell her is good. But she is so proud of herself for actually making and posting it as a video that I did not have the heart to tell her that it kind of butchers her poem! But the end, I decided that being her friend I owed her my honest opinion and so I messaged her my real opinion.

And now I am wondering if that was the right thing to do! As it might make her detest me, specially since she is one person who is not at all open minded when it come to criticism however constructive it might be. But now since I have made the bold move of telling her the truth I am really worried about the impact it might have on our friendship!

So tell me guys… Should I have lied to her and spared her feeling or is honesty really the best policy and I did in fact do the right thing?

Friendship in the real world = Family?

HI again!
Thank you guys for liking my post (For those who did) and for following my blog (again for those who did). 

I was really happy to see even a few people understood me, even if it was just a little bit.

I am writing this quite a while after my first post. It’s just that I have been really busy with a mountain of schoolwork that I have to deal with! But today I just felt like writing another entry, so here I am looking for some comfort again.

I am still feeling lonely. Due to this I went to meet my sister on the 2nd of february. She is the awesomest sister that anyone could ever have! She always puts a smile on my face! 😀

She is around 2 years older to me and is currently working. We both are living away in a different country from where our home is, but we are fortunately in the same city. Thus we try an meet as much as possible. Because I believe that no one can replace your family no matter how close you are with your bestest friend in the world, family will always be your #1 supporter.

After that, I met up with some friends and we went for dinner at a place where we could play all the board games we wanted! This was really fun. But I still could not feel that close to them or very happy. I do not know why! Maybe I am expecting too much. Watching all the TV shows where friends are the most important in a persons life has warped my perception of what friendship is like in the real world.

And if that is the case then I please request someone out in the world to help me figure it out. Because it is really really making me fell depressed.

Again thanks for “listening” world!

Hope you all have a happy day! 😀

The first post!

first post

Hello World!
I have been thinking about blogging since a while now. But I do not really like to write so I have kept postponing it. What really got me to actually sit down and start writing today was a show. A show called 90210! The blog that Annie started writing gave her perspective in life and also helped her deal with all the things in her life. That gave me hope. Hope that it will help me in the same way!

All you need to know about me is that I am girl in my early 20’s living a very very normal life. I am currently in college and am having a hard time. I have this tendency to always make friends with people who are so different from me that after sometime it hard to connect with even my closest friend. For the past few weeks I have been feeling so alone and disconnected even when surrounded by my closest friends. Been feeling rejected and I really don’t know why. So I am writing. Writing to get this all off my chest so that I can feel a bit lighter and feel like I am talking to someone.